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Lead Scoring Made Simple Workshop

A customer can have hundreds of interactions with a brand before ever making a purchase. As a result, understanding the customer journey can be hard. You need a simple yet sophisticated way to measure what activities produce high-quality leads, and the ability to route those leads to sales at the right time. That’s why sales and marketing teams are relying on lead scoring for insights and automation. 

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In this 60-minute workshop, learn:

  • How to develop a lead scoring model
  • How to implement lead scoring and routing in HubSpot
  • How to measure and optimize your lead scoring for continuous improvement


Why learn about lead scoring models?

1. Most lead scores become over-engineered
Lead scoring through HubSpot is a great way of reducing manual effort by automating the process of qualifying leads. But, because it sounds technical and sophisticated, most lead scores become over-engineered and complicated.

2. Scoring methodology is unique to your business
Scoring is probably the hardest part of building a lead score model. There's no objective score per action that's best for every business. You will want to think logically about how positively or negatively you value different actions or data points.

3. Reevaluate your current marketing to sales hand-off process
Creating a lead scoring model is a great time for a company to reevaluate its current marketing to sales hand-off process, as well as what data you are currently capturing at different stages. Instead of building a model that strictly runs around the existing data you are collecting, use the process to think more high-level and objectively about what data you should be capturing. When starting the lead scoring discussion, ask "What are the elements of a great lead to you?"

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This session applies to sales, marketing, and revenue operations leaders as well as users of the marketing and sales hubs at the professional and enterprise tier. Attendees will receive a lead scoring template to provide you with a lead scoring model that functions well, but also leaves room for plenty of future customization as your business grows and the number of assets expands.