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Switching from Salesforce to HubSpot

Want to get more out of your CRM and sales software? We can help!


Get ramped up faster with an expert guide at your side

Save Time

Get more out of your investment in HubSpot

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Get expert training, onboarding, and ongoing support

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Switching CRMs can be intimidating

We've helped many scaling companies make the switch from Salesforce to HubSpot because they wanted:

  • A guide to help them through the process
  • Quick time to value
  • Minimal disruption and no data loss
  • A rollout plan or pilot project
  • Higher adoption rates
  • Full documentation of standard operating procedures

Not our first rodeo...

Denamico is within the top 1% of agencies that can successfully implement and consult on the entire HubSpot CRM Platform for Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service.

  • We are a certified Diamond HubSpot Solutions Partner
  • One of 50 HubSpot Trainer Certified agencies in North America, and the only one in Minnesota
  • Expert consulting based on years of experience and business savvy
  • We are a team of Solution Integrators and Consultants with more than 50 years of combined experience on HubSpot

How We Make the Switch in 3 Phases – Easy as ABC

1. Assess

The system requirements and solution design phase of our engagement will help us identify business and system requirements from all stakeholders to ensure that the migration to HubSpot will meet the unique needs of each of your teams.

Other Components:

  • Define which data (leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, etc.) should be moved into HubSpot
  • Re-define your technical architecture, eliminating and consolidating where possible
  • Document automation and workflows like your deal automation, nurture follow up, and fulfillment

2. Build

The build phase includes setting up HubSpot based on your assessment. This is where the solution design comes to life as we implement your HubSpot CRM Platform and additional sales and marketing tools. We also dive into integrations and data migration.

Other Components:

  • Build new properties in HubSpot
  • Re-think, simplify and optimize the design of how automation should be set up in HubSpot
  • Create custom reports and dashboards
  • Set permissions for users and teams 
  • Migrate your data from Salesforce 
  • Begin scheduled training for internal champions and users

3. Consult

What good is a CRM if nobody is using it? In the consult and support phase, our certified trainers ramp up your teams, optimize your HubSpot CRM Platform based on feedback, and continue with technical support for reporting and integrations.

Other Components:

  • Continued custom training
  • Document standard operating procedures unique to your business
  • Answer your questions and provide best practices
  • Technical support
  • Activity tracking for your teams
  • Provide strategy and recommendations for you on how to grow with HubSpot

Don't feel frustrated or overwhelmed

HubSpot is a great tool. And making the switch should not be intimidating.

Sometimes, you just need a little extra help to make sure everything is set up properly for your business, your people, and your customers.

We've been helping people with HubSpot for 10 years.

Meagan Foley headshot

“What makes Denamico special is that they truly become a part of your team and are genuinely invested in your success. We simply wouldn’t have made the progress we have without them – their guidance has been invaluable.”

Meagan Foley
Client Marketing | Field Nation

Michael Hiron headshot

“We have accomplished every goal that we set out to accomplish at the start of this project. I would already consider our implementation of HubSpot a success and I know there’s significantly more we can do, and will do, using the tool.”

Michael Hiron
Vice President of Sales | Milk Specialties Global

Rene Headshot

When I met the team, I immediately knew their group was different. The questions they asked, how they challenged my thinking, and the time they put in to understand my business was such a breath of fresh air in an industry where cookie-cutter advice is thrown around. They gave me a customized solution to meet my exact needs.

Rene F. Rodriguez
Owner | Volentum

How to Get Started

Step 1: Contact Us

Simply fill out the form and we'll reach out to schedule a call.



Step 2: 30-minute Consultation

We'll connect to discuss where you're at with the switch and where you'd like to be. 

Step 3: Action Plan

We'll provide a custom plan to start your implementation and migration process.

Get Help With Switching to HubSpot